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  • Common questions to ask when choosing a conveyancing law firm


    It is important to choose a conveyancing law firm that has experience in handling property transactions similar to your own. If your transaction involves unique or complex aspects, such as leasehold or shared ownership properties, it is important to choose a firm with experience in these areas. An experienced conveyancing lawyer can help you navigate […]

  • How to object to planning permission in the UK

    planning objection

    If you’re planning on making any changes to your home or property in the UK, you may need to apply for planning permission first. Planning permission is a legal process that gives you permission to make changes to your property, and it’s usually required for things like building an extension, converting a loft, or putting […]

  • What are Drag-Along and Tag-Along Rights in Shareholders Agreements?

    drag and tag

    If you are a business owner, it is important to understand what drag-along and tag-along rights are in shareholders agreements. Drag-along rights allow the majority shareholder to force the minority shareholders to sell their shares to a third party if the majority shareholder decides to sell their shares. Tag-along rights protect minority shareholders by requiring […]

  • How conveyancers handle property transactions


    If you’re buying or selling a property in England and Wales, do you need a solicitor or licensed conveyancer? Conveyancers and solicitors are both highly regulated and covered by insurance. The Solicitors Regulatory Authority is in charge of solicitor regulation. Licensed Conveyancers are governed by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Both conveyancer organizations function under […]

  • How to Write a Will in 11 Steps

    couple by lake

    Though nearly everyone should have a will, it is not always the most important estate planning document. Many of a typical family’s assets, such as retirement accounts, can be transferred outside of a will by naming beneficiaries, and documents like financial and medical powers of attorney may have stronger authority in determining the outcome of […]

  • THe Complete 2022 guide to GDPR

    big data

    That’s right folks, it hasn’t gone away… What is the GDPR? The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Data protection is a global issue that has been growing more challenging every year. We often see headlines about huge data breaches from businesses and corporations we thought we could trust—incidents that cost those companies billions […]

  • A Guide to Understanding U.S. Privacy Laws

    US privacy laws

    The United States has a patchwork of overlapping and ever-changing data privacy regulations. While there is no unified federal privacy law, several pieces of legislation address particular data types or circumstances regarding privacy. Without a comprehensive privacy law, it might be difficult to determine what safeguards are in place for the many types of personal […]

  • Where Is Marijuana Legal?


    Today, many Democratic politicians and some Republicans support marijuana legalization. Several marijuana-related bills – including those that aim to decriminalize it on the federal level – have been submitted in Congress, while many state legislatures are still debating if and how to legalize the drug. Opponents of marijuana claim that it is a public health and […]

  • the laws about protecting personal information online

    public law

    Cyber threats come from a variety of sources, each wanting to obtain personal information (PI) for profit or malicious ends. As intrusions become more sophisticated, additional regulatory and internal countermeasures are required. The combination of physical and online monitoring has been found to have a detrimental impact on internet privacy. Internet privacy is a subset […]